The image of Marlene Dietrich above is a recent EBay acquisition of mine…a poster for a 1970’s exhibition in Italy of Cecil Beaton photographs.

The poster is approximately 24″ x 36″,  in very good condition,  reasonably priced…and I couldn’t resist…

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3 Responses to Acquisitions…

  1. Joseph says:

    Ah, I see now! This is a beautiful poster. I rarely come across profile photos of Dietrich. She has a neck like a gazelle’s.

  2. The Lady Eve says:

    What you can’t really see here is that the fingers of her right hand are touching what looks like a classical figurine. Dietrich had such a beautiful face that I doubt many thought to photograph her in profile – but she photographed wonderfully from every angle, it seems.

  3. backlots says:

    That is stunning! Congratulations!

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