Author John McPartland, Gone With the 1950s

Author  John McPartland is a forgotten man today. But in the 1950s he was prolific and considered one of the most promising writers to write for Gold Medal, the leading publisher of noir fiction during that era. McPartland also earned six movie credits – including one for a picture made five years after his death. The book that put him on the map was No Down Payment,  published and adapted to film in 1957.  McPartland is at best a minor cult figure these days (there are  blogs to be found that sing his praises)  mostly because he didn’t live very long after he gained fame. John McPartland died suddenly in 1958, just a year after No Down Payment appeared in print, less than a year after the movie version was released.

From Time Magazine‘s  Milestones : “Died. John McPartland, 47, husky, bushy-haired chronicler of suburban sex foibles (No Down Payment), successful freelance journalist; of a heart attack; in Monterey, Calif. McPartland, who once wrote, “Sex is the great game itself,” lived as harum-scarum a life as any of his characters, had a legal wife and son at Mill Valley, California, a mistress at Monterey who bore him five children and who, as “Mrs. Eleanor McPartland,” was named the city’s 1956 “Mother of the Year.” Later, McPartland’s legal widow submitted the daughter of an unnamed third woman as one of the novelist’s rightful heirs. (9/14/58)”

McPartland’s film credits, courtesy of IMDB:
The Wild Party (1956)  – story/screenplay
No Time to Be Young (1957) – story/screenplay
Street of Sinners (1957) – writer
No Down Payment (1957) – novel
The Lost Missile (1958) – screenplay
Johnny Cool (1963) – novel

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3 Responses to Author John McPartland, Gone With the 1950s

  1. ClassicBecky says:

    Eve, I loved your No Down Payment article on your main blog, but I missed this one! I am a lifelong reader, but I have never read anything by McPartland. I am interested now. I appreciate the opportunity to find out about the author of the book from which this movie was made. You and I think more alike than I thought. Before I started going through my blog list to find articles I had not yet read, such as this one, I posted a new announcement on my own blog for a 3-part series about famous books and the movies made from them. Very strange — I think I hear the Twilight Zone theme….. It’s true, I swear — check the post times! LOL!

  2. ClassicBecky says:

    P.S. Don’t forget, there is a 3-hour difference between us — it’s 9:12 p.m. here in my neck of the woods!

  3. The Lady Eve says:

    Really odd thing is that my next post at Eve’s Reel Life compares the novel, In a Lonely Place with the film version…

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