A Tour of San Francisco Locations Featured in VERTIGO

In 2009, il gattapardo, a  fan of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, toured many of the San Francisco sites featured in the film (the inclusion of Bernard Herrmann’s score makes this clip especially evocative):

Vertigo fans who visit San Francisco might be interested in an official ‘Vertigo tour‘ as provided by the local tour company,  A Friend in Town. For those who would rather devise their own tour, I recommend reading (and using as your guide) Footsteps in the Fog: Alfred Hitchcock’s San Francisco by Jeff Kraft and Aaron Leventhal (Santa Monica Press/2002). Kraft and Leventhal take readers on a Bay Area-wide journey of locations from not only Vertigo but also Shadow of a Doubt and The Birds. The authors include local spots that “portrayed” other locales in films such  as Rebecca and Suspicion, and still others that inspired settings in films like Psycho (e.g., the home of Norman Bates).  It’s a gem!

While in San Francisco, don’t miss the chance to stay at the Hotel Vertigo at 940 Sutter Street; this was the location of Judy’s residence in Vertigo – aka/the Empire Hotel.

A month-long tribute to Vertigo is now in progress at The Lady Eve’s Reel Life

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2 Responses to A Tour of San Francisco Locations Featured in VERTIGO

  1. Bev says:

    Loved this video. I was living 3 blocks from Scottie’s house on Lombard street (which had a red door in the film) at the time the movie was being made. Sad that you can no longer go under the bridge, as they did for Madeleine’s attempted suicide in the film.

  2. The Lady Eve says:

    I was fortunate enough to have been living and working in San Francisco when the old Podesta Baldocchi florist shop and Ernies restaurant were still open. Hitchcock’s replication of both was superbly detailed! And I worked for a time in the building that had once been Ransohoff’s. As it turned out, the offices in which I worked had been Ransohoff’s women’s fine apparel section and, as far as I could tell, Hitchcock reproduced the rooms in exact detail. Even in the 1990s the archways, inland mirrors (through and by which I passed daily) and architectural details were straight out of “Vertigo.” Thankfully, the Legion of Honor, Palace of Fine Arts, Mission Dolores, Golden Gate Bridge and the beautiful bay and coastline are still with us.

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