Obsessed with Vertigo

In 1997 American Movie Classics produced the original documentary, Obsessed with Vertigo, a fascinating look at the history of the Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece and its dazzling 1996 restoration.

Two of the films stars, Kim Novak and Barbara Bel Geddes, appear on-screen to talk about their experiences working with Hitchcock on Vertigo. Many of the film’s creative/technical team who were still (thankfully) with us in 1997 but are no longer, provide commentary: screenwriter Samuel Taylor, art director/production designer Henry Bumstead, long-time Hitchcock producer Herbert Coleman  and script supervisor Peggy Robertson.  Also featured are Vertigo‘s production manager C.O. “Doc” Erickson, Hitchcock’s daughter Pat, and filmmaker (and driving force behind the Film Foundation) Martin Scorsese. The two men responsible for Vertigo‘s restoration, James Katz and Robert Harris, are also prominently featured. Roddy McDowall narrates.

Click to watch:

A tribute to Vertigo is in progress now at The Lady Eve’s Reel Life

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