What Sally Draper Saw…

During Season 4, young Sally Draper blossomed as one of Mad Men‘s most interesting characters. Continuing to act out in reaction to her parent’s divorce and her mother’s remarriage, Sally appeared one afternoon at her father’s office under the care of a stranger who encountered her heading for Manhattan – on her own. When the time came to return home, Sally threw a tantrum in the offices of Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce. By the time she finally left, she was very angry at her father.  But she didn’t stay mad for long.  A few days later Don called the house with a peace offering – tickets to the upcoming Beatles concert at Shea Stadium…Sally was…happy…(click on arrow, then ‘Watch on YouTube’)

And this is what she saw…

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4 Responses to What Sally Draper Saw…

  1. whistlingypsy says:

    Unfortunately your “Mad Men” video seems to have disabled embedding, but I remember thinking when watching the episode what a thrill it would have been to see The Beatles perform live. Although I wasn’t about at the time; my Dad often recalls seeing posters at his place of work in the LA/Burbank/Tujunga area for a concert in 1964 (I don’t remember where the concert actually took place). Perhaps you were fortunate like Sally and saw them at this concert?

  2. The Lady Eve says:

    I didn’t see the Beatles at Shea Stadium but I did attend their San Diego concert at Balboa Stadium very soon after. When I watch videos of the Shea Stadium show it’s like going back in time and experiencing that night all over again. It was summer 1965. Sigh.

  3. steve says:

    April 29 episode: Young Sally saw much TOO much, wandering from the award dinner to find Roger being serviced by Megan’s mother…. oh boy!

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